6 thoughts on “20170926_165555

    1. Hi Jackie, thank you so much. I find it easier following the steps in tutorials using the original reference photo so I don’t have to “think”, but can follow what I see – after that I find similar items of my own to paint, to use the technique in my own way. It is also a very useful lesson being able to see how the tutor has “seen” the details in the photo, for instance how much of the tiny details are depicted meticuously and how much is merely suggested? Difficult to explain…But as my favorite graphite tutor Lisandro Pena from Onlypencil say about drawing fur: you don’t actually draw every hair, but you make it look like you do!
      I saw the golden leaf tutorial after you answered me first, and wanted to try that because there is more video material. I am not after just copying your work! πŸ˜‰


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