Jackie Isard BA (Hons) SBA Fellow CBM of Jackie Isard Botanicals

In 2015 I tried my hand at botanical painting and haven’t stopped painting since! I am a graphic designer by trade but have now chosen a new path in life! I am passionate about plants and the beauty of nature and enjoy it immensely. Nature is so beautiful and it gives me such pleasure capturing it on paper. The beauty of decaying plants also fascinates me and those Autumn colours are my favourites! With every painting I do, I discover new things about the intricate structure of plants and whilst painting, I endeavour to capture all those minute details and colours.

In 2016 I was accepted to exhibit with the RHS. Very exciting for me! I am making a sketchbook specially dedicated to wildflowers and pollinators using it to study for my RHS entry in 2020. In 2017 I was thrilled to have been awarded a Certificate of Botanical Merit by the SBA (Society of Botanical Artists). This year 2019 I have been made a Fellow member of the SBA.

Recently, I have become very passionate about wildlife and meadow wildflowers, as well as important pollinators. I’ve also been following Plantlife and their project to preserve our declining meadowland. This affects our Bees and wildlife and is of great concern. They are working very hard to ensure our wildlife and wildflowers are protected and I feel very strongly about this, so much so that I decided to choose this as my theme for my RHS project.

I’m very pleased that my blogs have interested my Botanical Artist friends and others. I love reading other artists Blogs and it’s so good being able to write for others now too. On this journey I hope to encourage others by sharing my experiences, knowledge and discoveries along my way.