Online Mixing Colour Accurately for Watercolour Course

Jackie Isard Botanicals – Mixing Colour Accurately for Watercolour Course (Launches every 3 months, next course September 2018)

I’ve been busy preparing my new online colour course! I’ve developed and planned a course which will help you to ‘See’ colour with a better ‘eye’. It has been very successful so far and students have found they mix colours far more easily than they used to.

The course involves comprehensive notes, video clips together with a series of exercises which can be done in your own time. We cover mixing with primaries, those difficult greens, botanical greys (we touch on this, an advanced course will cover this in more detail at a later stage) and neutral beige/brown tones for those beautiful Autumn colours. There are tutorial videos for some of the exercises as well as videos for beginners. Exercises include making a few small reference charts, matching swatch colours and many other useful tips/exercises. The course also involves some important exercises which are posted to you and your final work will be assessed by post too. Part of the course has to be done by post because this is all about mixing colour accurately. A computer screen or scan/photo/colour copy will not show true colour! There is a Secret student group page for posting work and discussion. I am available on Facebook Private Messenger, Whatsapp or Email to answer any questions you have during the course. Please bear in mind the time difference if you are overseas! I appraise your work as you complete each of the Lesson exercises via Private Messenger and give a personalised final appraisal by letter at the end of the course.

Some student reviews:
“Mixing watercolour accurately is exactly what this fantastic course has taught me and a most enjoyable process too. Very much a novice, the notes and exercises are clear and easy to follow. The feedback was prompt and very helpful. All in all – BRILLIANT! Thanks Jackie.” Sylvia

“I’m very satisfied of improvements obtained. Before my paintings were a bit ‘childish’. Now they are more realistic. I learned to recognize the subtle shades of color, to mix them and to obtain more natural colours. And I understood how much I still have to learn by looking carefully at my surroundings.” Simona

“At last!! I now approach colour mixing in a more organised and knowledgable way. I now search for ‘many’ colours within a plant and have gained the confidence to closely match them. This course should be compulsory for all botanical painters. Jackie is a knowledgable and encouraging tutor who responds quickly to our questions and posts on the ‘Secret’ Student Facebook page. Wish I had taken this course before I started my Certificate! Thank yo Jackie” Catherine

I am very pleased with this course! After all the exercises and tasks, I finally began to see the colour and understood how to mix it. I liked the fact that I had not only charts of colours but even in the end had practical tasks for a better understanding of colour on real leaves and flowers. Separately, I will highlight the fact that Jackie responded very quickly to questions and supported throughout the course. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to mix watercolour accurately for Botanical painting” Svitlana

Payment can be made via PayPal, details will be sent on Registration. If you do not have PayPal, it’s really simple to set up online. Just visit Bank transfer is only available using a UK bank account. Please request bank details if required.

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