Blog 19: New website!

This last week I’ve been working hard to get my website up and running and I’m happy to say it went live on Thursday 6th November. It’s something that was on my list of things to do which kept getting put back but once I had chosen the WIX template it all ran smoothly. In the past I have built and designed using Dreamweaver, very hard…WIX makes it all so simple! Other than one photo which I need to address as it won’t show in the right place via an iPad, (although it’s absolutely fine on a Samsung tablet and my Apple mac laptop!) it’s exactly how I wanted it to look. Clean, simple to operate and functional.

I hope you enjoy it and look forward to being part of the world wide web, at last!

Take a look and sign up for the mail list if you would like to!

Screenshot_20191106-153703_Samsung Internet

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